June fairs in Madrid: Highlight with interactives and LED screens

After a season of trade fairs marked by the celebration of a multitude of fairs in Ifema, Madrid, the last month of the trade fair season is upon us. Before the summer break. The month of June will see the last trade fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… to be held at Ifema, Madrid, before the summer break.

These fairs and congresses will bring together a large number of visitors and companies from the same business sector. These characteristics mean that in these types of corporate events it is essential to stand out from the competition and make an impact on those present. In the current post, we show how our clients can stand out in these types of events thanks to our wide range of audiovisual and tactile devices.

Throughout the month of June, important events, fairs and congresses will be held such as the Salón de la movilidad de segunda mano, Eco Living Iberia, Organic Food Iberia, EBAday, Congreso SEMES…

What are the highlights of the June fairs held in Madrid?


LED screens

The first device that we have and that stands out from the rest of the audiovisual elements of our company are the LED screens. We have indoor and outdoor LED screens. In 2.8 and 3.91 quality. Being able to develop the size of LED screens that each client wishes.

These elements stand out for allowing the development of large LED screens. They allow information, advertising, messages, videos, images, etc. to reach a larger number of people. Making companies that opt for their use stand out from those that do not. With the right information, they are one of the most effective advertising elements nowadays.


Another element that allows companies to show their information in a more eye-catching and communicative way are televisions for rent. They are available in sizes ranging from 32″ to 85″. This wide variety allows brands to adapt the size to the needs of each stand.

The larger sizes, which are increasingly used, get the brand’s message across to a large number of people present at corporate events in Madrid. And the smaller ones are widely used in meeting areas. Where you can show the benefits and characteristics of the products and services of the exhibiting brand in meetings with potential customers.

Truss structure

The truss structure, both circular and square, is essential in many ephemeral events. As they are needed to create elements of supports quickly, but, that of great capacity to support large weight capacities. They are widely used for the placement of lighting, sound, advertising elements, LED screens…

Tactile interactives

Another of the most requested sections of our rental elements are the tactile interactives. These are large tactile devices that attract the attention of those present. All touch devices are made up of 4k touchscreens, with built-in computer and Wi-Fi. The 4k touchscreens incorporate multitouch touch technology with 10 simultaneous touch points.

Digital touch totems

We have indoor touch totems, rotating touch totems and outdoor touch totems. The latter have the exposed features and IP65 to be installed and used outdoors. The unique and eye-catching shape of the digital touch totems make them the most popular interactive touch totems to attract the attention of attendees at corporate events held in Madrid.

Multimedia touch kiosks

Another of the most popular touch devices due to their unique and ergonomic shape are the multimedia touch kiosks. These touch devices are formed by the union of large format touch screens with supports. This union makes it possible to create touch devices in the form of a lectern. These touch devices are ideal for displaying catalogues, menus, maps, games…

Touch screens

Touch screens are the most versatile touch devices, as they can be installed on stands with wheels, wall brackets or table stands. Allowing them to be used in any space and type of event.

Touch tables

Touch tables are tactile devices created by the union of touch screens with supports in the form of a table. They can be higher or lower tables depending on the needs of each event.

SB Service as specialists in the rental of large format audiovisual and interactive touchscreens we offer our service for fairs held in June in Madrid. Also, in Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Bilbao… Our interactives and audiovisuals will allow our clients to make an impact and get their information to all those present. Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our rates and services. Visit our Instagram to see some of our montages.


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