Outdoor LED screens: quality to reach everyone in the room

The outdoor LED screens have the necessary quality to provide information about the event held outdoors to all those present. To achieve this ability to get the information to all those present, outdoor LED screens have a number of features that we explain below.

As specialists in the rental of LED screens, we know these characteristics and the advantages they offer to outdoor events.

Characteristics of outdoor LED screens

The main characteristic that differentiates indoor LED screens from outdoor LED screens is the IP 65 protection that these types of screens have. This protection allows them to be used outdoors. They can withstand all types of weather conditions. From direct sun, to rain, wind…

Another feature that differentiates the outdoor screens is the brightness. These types of giant screens for rent have a higher luminosity. Allowing the transmitted image to be of high quality outdoors and in direct sunlight. The higher brightness allows everyone present to watch the broadcast image without any problems.

Benefits for outdoor events

These characteristics make them the best quality large format screens for outdoor use. Their use and presence allows event organisers to provide all those present with the information desired by the organiser or what is happening on stage. Increasing the satisfaction of those present.

In addition, outdoor LED screens make it possible to dynamise and create different experiences at outdoor events. Making those present at concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, corporate events… Enjoy the event and their presence in it more.

LED screen rental service

SB Service has a wide variety of LED screens. Both outdoor and indoor screens for rent for events held in Barcelona, Lleida, Girona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Tarragona, Madrid… In addition, we have truss structure, tactile totems, multimedia touch kiosks, touch screens… If you want to have our LED screens or interactive touch screens, do not hesitate to contact us. In our Instagram you will be able to see some of our assemblies.


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