Main audio-visual and interactive rentals for events

During the months of January, February and March we have developed a multitude of audiovisual and tactile interactive rentals for events held in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Lleida, Lyon, Milan, Bologna, Valencia, Bilbao… Our clients were looking for a unique and eye-catching way to attract the attention of those present.

Rentals developed in January, February and March



At Fitur we developed several rentals of LED and interactive touch screens. The giant LED screen developed for a recurring client stands out for its large size and spectacularity. Year after year they rely on our services to make their brand stand out in this great tourism fair held at IFEMA, Madrid.

led screens fitur 2023 rental led screen madrid ifema

L’illa Diagonal Assembly

In January we developed the rental of a large truss structure for the CC L’Illa Diagonal in Barcelona. A large truss structure where to develop the events programmed by the centre. It managed to attract the attention of those present and increase participation in them.

truss structure rental truss structure rental barcelona rental truss structure


In this event we set up several large format LED screens and 4 large format digital tactile totems. Thanks to the presence of these elements, our clients managed to make an impact on the event, getting their message across to the majority of those present.

madrid march led screen 3x2m rental totem tactile


In this event held in Valencia we developed the rental of a Smartphone, a touch totem and several televisions. The large format smartphone was used for the presentation and promotion of the new mobile application developed by our clients. Thanks to the use of the interactive touch screen in the form of a giant smartphone, potential clients could have an experience similar to that of using the application on their smartphone.

April fairs rental audiovisuals interactives June fairs rental audiovisuals interactives smartphone tactile rental


Cursa Motocross Barcelona

In February, where we had a large volume of work, I would like to highlight the rental and installation of a large outdoor LED screen for a sporting event. On this occasion, the outdoor LED screen was used to show the audience what was happening on the motocross track and to show the prize-giving ceremony.

led screen outdoor rental rental outdoor led screen barcelona

Filming in Barcelona

Another of the most important rentals in January was the rental of a giant LED screen for the recording of a television programme in Barcelona. By using it, the production company was able to show a high quality image for the TV programme.

recording television programme Barcelona

MWC 2023 Barcelona

At the end of February the big mobile technology fair took place in Fira de Barcelona. Our company was present there with a multitude of audiovisual and tactile interactive rentals. In the following images you can see the different assemblies made with LED screens, televisions, tactile totems, tactile kiosks…

led screen events barcelona giant led screen barcelona

rental led screen events barcelona rental led screen events

circular led display  led screen events



Another rental that stood out in March was the rental of a large format LED screen for a trade fair held in Bologna, Italy. At this event our clients wanted to have a large screen to display their corporate messages.

small led screen


At the big education event held in Barcelona, we rented and set up several LED screens and interactive touch screens. One of the highlights was the installation of a corner LED screen. In the following images you can see the shape and impact achieved.

corner led screen giant led screen


In the great event of the world of pharmacy in Spain, held this year in Barcelona, our company developed several rentals. We rented 5 49″ totems to show the programme of activities and conferences of the fair.

tactile totems events tactile totems rent tactile totems rental barcelona tactile totems rental barcelona events


Within this event, the rental and installation of a large format LED screen was a highlight. On this occasion we assembled and installed a 22m x 9m rectangular LED screen. Forming a box that encompassed the entire stand of our clients.

led screen rental events barcelona

If you want to have LED screens, televisions, touch totems, touch multimedia kiosks, outdoor LED screens, truss structure… For your fairs, congresses, sporting events, corporate events, concerts, galas… In Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Valencia… Do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you, without obligation, of our rates and services. Visit our Instagram and YouTube to see some of our latest montages.


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