Resources to stand out at corporate events

In the current post we want to expose the resources to make our clients stand out in corporate events. As specialists in the rental of audiovisuals and tactile interactives, we know how important it is for companies participating in corporate events to make an impact on visitors and stand out from the competition.

What resources do we have to make our clients stand out at corporate events?

Tactile interactives

Tactile interactives, thanks to their large size and tactile technology, attract the attention of those present. They are one of the main elements that our clients can use to stand out at corporate events. Their rental and presence allows brands to display their information in a unique and eye-catching way. It is possible to develop catalogues, interactive games, menus… that will get a large number of attendees to access your information.

  • Tactile totems

The tactile totems are the types of large format tactile devices most demanded by our customers. Their unique, large and elegant shape attracts the attention of those present. We have indoor and outdoor touch totems in various sizes. They can be installed in any space as they do not require any type of support.

  • Touch screens

Touchscreens, from 32″ to 65″, are the most versatile large format touchscreen devices. They can be placed in any space by using wall mounts or stands with wheels.

  • Multimedia touch kiosks

Multimedia touch kiosks allow brands to display their information in a different way. These devices stand out for their kiosk shape, formed by the union of touch screens and a kiosk-shaped stand.

  • In the form of a smartphone

Finally, we have touch devices in the form of a smartphone. They stand out because they are interactive touchscreens in the form of a smartphone. This shape attracts the attention of those present. They are widely used for the presentation and demonstration of the use of mobile applications or web pages.


  • LED screens

Within the audiovisual section, indoor and outdoor LED screens stand out. These types of screens allow the development of large format screens. Where large format videos and images can be shown. They make the stand stand stand out and attract the attention of those present. LED screens are formed by joining LED modules. This makes it possible to create the large format screens that each customer needs.

  • Televisions

Other devices that stand out in the audiovisual sector are televisions. We have televisions from 32″ to 85″. We can adapt to the needs of each client and the space where they are to be placed. The televisions are suitable for showing videos and images inside the stand. They can show your information in a more eye-catching way.

  • Truss structure

Finally, we have square and circular truss structures. These truss structures allow us to create the ephemeral spaces that each brand and stand needs. In addition, they are the right structures to place sound, lighting, decoration, LED screens…

All the elements on display make an impact on those present, creating eye-catching stands that make the brand’s presence at corporate events a great success for the brand.


SB Service are specialists in the rental of audiovisual and interactive touch screens in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao… Thanks to their rental our clients can stand out in fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our rates and services as specialists in their rental. Visit our Instagram and YouTube to see our audiovisual and tactile interactive montages.


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