Types and characteristics of LED screens for events

LED screens for events, due to their characteristics, are one of the most demanded audiovisual elements. The possibility of creating large giant LED screens allows brands to get their information to the majority of visitors at fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… In the current post, as specialists in the rental of audiovisual and interactive touch screens, we want to expose the characteristics of LED screens and what types exist.

Characteristics of LED screens for events

LED screens are formed by joining LED modules of 0.5m x 0.5m or 0.5m x 1m. Their union allows to create giant LED screens. Adapting to the needs of each client, type of event and location. By being able to develop the LED screen in the size you want, brands will be able to have large format screens. From small LED screens, 1.5x2m, to large LED screens, such as 5x8m screens.

The quality of the LED screens is calculated according to the distance between pixel pitch. Our company has LED screens of 2.8 p.p. and 3.9 p.p. quality. Other qualities are available on the market, from 2mm to 10mm pixel pitch. The lower the pixel pitch of the LED screen, the better the resolution. The one offered by our company is the most common resolution.

The appropriate resolution for the LED display used at events is determined by the distance of the visitors. The smaller the distance from the visitors, the better the resolution should be.

Another important feature of LED screens is their brightness. This brightness is measured by the light emitted per 1m2 of LED screen. Depending on the level of brightness, LED screens can be used indoors or outdoors.

Types of LED screens

  • Indoor LED screens

Indoor LED screens are the most common in fairs, congresses, exhibitions… And any type of corporate event, as most of them are held indoors. These types of screens can have lower luminosity than outdoor LED screens. And depending on where they are placed in relation to the visitors, one type of resolution or another can be chosen. The necessary characteristics of the LED screen to be used will increase or decrease the budget for them.

  • Outdoor LED screens

One of the types of indoor LED screens that exist are outdoor LED screens. The brightness of outdoor LED screens is higher than that of indoor LED screens. Because this type of screen must be able to show a high quality image in direct sunlight. The brightness of outdoor LED screens must be higher than 5,000 nits.

In addition to having the necessary protection rating to withstand wind, rain, humidity… This means that the outdoor LED screens must be IP65. Allowing the use of the same in any inclement weather. The characteristics of the outdoor LED screens make them ideal for concerts, sporting events, corporate events…

What are the benefits of using LED screens for corporate events?

The characteristics and adaptability of LED screens to the needs of each location have made LED screens one of the most popular advertising elements for use in congresses, fairs, events, concerts… To create giant LED screens that allow brands to get their information to the majority of those present.

The use of LED screens will allow companies to improve their results in corporate events, making their presence a commercial success. Brands will be able to reproduce high resolution images and videos on them. In larger screens than traditional televisions.

Another benefit is the ease of transport and assembly of LED screens, both indoors and outdoors. Giant screens can be developed in short periods of time. This is ideal for corporate events. Allowing participants in trade fairs and congresses to display their information on giant screens and make an impact with their participation.

LED screen rental in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Seville…

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