What to consider when renting a LED screen for events?

When a company wants to organise its own corporate event or participate in corporate events in its economic sector, it must organise various aspects. One of the essential aspects, in order to make your presence at the event or your own event a success, is how to stand out. And make your brand information reach as many people as possible. In the current post, as specialists in the rental of LED screens, audiovisual and large format interactive touch screens. We want to explain what should be taken into account when renting a LED screen for events. They are currently considered to be one of the most eye-catching audiovisuals capable of attracting the attention of those present.

What aspects are decisive when renting a LED screen for events?

  • Place of presentation

One of the most important aspects to take into account when choosing which LED screen to rent and its size is the place where it will be placed and presented. Its size and quality must be adapted to the available space and the layout in relation to the visitors. The quality of the LED screen, measured in pixel pitch, should be higher the closer the visitors are. And the size should be appropriate for the space available.

The location of the screen is an important point in order to increase the communication capacity of the stand. It is essential that the LED screen or screens are placed in spaces that can be seen by as many visitors as possible.

  • Available budget

Another fundamental aspect is the available budget, as the larger the screen, the higher the budget to be allocated for its rental. The budget will also be determined by the quality of the screen selected. As specialists in the rental of LED screens, we advise our clients on this decisive point.

  • Brand objectives

The objectives of the brand in the corporate event must be taken into account when deciding the size of the LED screen, but, mainly, they must be considered for the development of the information to be displayed on them. The content displayed must be adapted to these objectives in order to achieve them.

The presence of LED screens at corporate events allows brands to create a greater visual impact. Attracting a greater number of attendees to their stand and improving the results of their presence at the event.

Rental of audiovisuals, LED screens and interactive touchscreens

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