Led screen p.2.8 rental for events and its benefits

SB Service’s aim is to offer our clients new ways to make an impact at corporate events and to get their brand information to as many people as possible. LED screens are one of the audiovisuals with the greatest impact. It is for this reason that we continue to incorporate new LED screens to our extensive catalogue. In the current post we show our new p.2.8 LED screens, their features and benefits.

Benefits of the p.2.8 led screens

The 2.8mm or p.2.8 pitch LED screens offer a higher quality image than 3.9mm LED screens. They are ideal for use at corporate events, especially when placed in spaces where visitors will be in close proximity. They offer a clear image, in which all types of content can be seen more clearly, with greater detail than on other LED screens with a higher pixel pitch.

Like all other LED screens, 2.8mm LED screens are highly versatile. This is offered by their mounting characteristics. The LED screens are formed by joining 0.5×0.5m or 0.5x1m LED modules, being able to create the size desired by each client. This makes it possible to develop from smaller LED screens, such as the 3x2m LED screens, to giant LED screens, such as the 5x8m LED screens.

Our p.2.8 LED screens allow you to create circular LED screens and LED screens with corners. Cubic and circular shapes can be created. These types of screens cannot be created with other LED screens in our catalogue. Circular or cubic shaped LED screens allow the stands that use them to stand out more. They attract the attention of those present, thanks to the fact that they are more innovative than flat LED screens.

In addition, the possibility of creating circular or corner LED screens makes these LED screens more versatile than LED screens of other qualities. They can be installed in places where other LED screens could not be used.

The use of 2.8mm LED screens allows brands to have a greater impact on the audience present at corporate events in which they participate. Getting their corporate messages to a larger number of people present and with higher quality. With high brightness and contrast.

LED screens p.2.8 for events for rent

SB Service has a wide range of LED screens, audiovisual and interactive touch screens for events held in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Lleida… With the aim of making our clients stand out in corporate events, such as fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… Contact us, without obligation, if you want to have this way of making an impact. On our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube you can see some of our montages for events.


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