Uses of large format LED screens for events

Large format LED screens, since their appearance, have managed to revolutionise the audiovisual industry. They are increasingly used in all kinds of events, promotions, marketing and advertising campaigns… They are becoming an audiovisual element that we can see in many everyday spaces.

As specialists in the rental of LED screens for all kinds of events, we want to dedicate this post to show the main uses that are given to these types of giant screens in events. But, before we get to this point, we will explain what LED screens are, what qualities exist, and what sizes can be obtained.

What are LED screens?

LED screens are large format screens that use light-emitting diode technology. They are formed by joining together LED modules. Inside each LED module there are a large number of small individual LEDs. These small LEDs emit different colours, which in combination offer a wide variety of colours and shades.

What qualities are there?

The number of pixels in the LED display determines the quality of the display. The higher the number of pixels, the closer they are to each other, offering a higher picture quality, with higher resolution. The quality of the LED screen, the proximity of the LEDs, should be greater the closer they are to each other.

These screens stand out for their high brightness and contrast. The luminosity is higher in outdoor LED screens than in indoor ones. Outdoor LED screens can be used outdoors in direct sunlight. To offer a high quality image and to be seen well in direct sunlight, they must have more luminosity than indoor screens.

Main uses of LED screens

  • Advertising

One of the sectors that uses LED screens the most is the advertising sector. The use of LED screens allows advertising content to be displayed in a more dynamic and eye-catching way than static advertising elements. It is one of the most effective tools for capturing the attention of potential customers of brands. Its use as advertising screens is common in shopping centres, stadiums, billboards…

  • Events

Another of the sectors that most use large format LED screens is the events sector. From corporate events, such as fairs, congresses, trade fairs… to company events, concerts, conferences… They are the perfect elements to show live videos of the event, show eye-catching images, advertising videos, visual presentations… Any visual element that the brands or organisers of these events wish to show.

  • Signage and information displays

The use of LED screens to display digital signage is also one of the most common uses of LED screens. This use as signage and also as information screens in airports, shopping centres, train stations, amusement parks, etc. is becoming increasingly common. With the aim of displaying essential information to improve the user experience.

  • Business

Also, the use of LED screens by all kinds of businesses is becoming more and more common. From the food industry, to control centres, industrial sector, clothing shops… on LED screens businesses can display their menus, highlight information, control various aspects of the business… Being ideal for displaying all kinds of information and advertising of the businesses that use it.

As we have observed in the current post, large format LED screens are a revolutionary element, used more and more. They are present in a multitude of spaces. Being one of the spaces where corporate events are most used, for its ability to impact and attract the attention of those present.

Rental of large format LED screens for events, congresses, concerts…

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