LED screens for events: What is their design like?

In the current post, as specialists in the rental of LED screens for events, we want to explain what aspects are taken into account when designing the right LED screen for each event where they will be used.

How are LED screens for events designed?

The modular composition of the LED screens makes it possible to create a multitude of sizes by joining 50x50cm or 50x100cm LED modules. By joining these LED modules together, the desired size can be created for each client. Adapting to the needs of the space where the LED screen will be placed, the distance where the attendees will be located and the budget of the organisers.

When designing the right LED screen for each event, these needs must be taken into account. An essential element is to get a LED screen with the correct proportionality so that it is aesthetically pleasing. Currently, the standard proportion for most screens is the 16:9 format, which is the most commonly used format when designing the size and shape of LED screens.

What is the right size?

The right size of the LED screen will be determined by the distance at which the people attending the event will be located. Also, the space available in the place where they will be located. The further away the attendees are from the event, the larger the size of the LED screen should be. To ensure that everyone present can see the information, videos, images, etc. that are shown on the screen.

Quality of the LED screen

The quality of the LED screen is also determined by the distance of the audience present. The closer the audience is, the better the quality of the screen should be. Higher qualities, such as 2.8 p.p. or 2.6 p.p. screens, are needed to achieve the right picture quality.

Shapes of LED screens

The design of LED screens can be curved, flat or cornered. Currently, there are curved LED screens, flat LED screens and corner LED screens. LED screens can be designed to be more eye-catching, modern and attractive for events. Curved and corner LED screens are the newest options to make an impact at corporate events.

The great versatility offered by LED screens, thanks to their composition made by joining LED modules, make them the most popular screens for corporate, business and sporting events… They allow you to create large screens to display information, images, videos… at all kinds of events. Making the information reach, thanks to the development of giant screens, all the public present.

Rental of led screens for events, fairs, congresses…

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