Advantages of LED screens rental in winter

As specialists in the rental of LED screens for events, congresses, fairs, shopping centres… We know the advantages they offer to the brands that rent them and how they make them stand out. In today’s post we want to show you what LED screens are, the advantages of renting them and how they will allow you to promote your brand at events and events held in winter.

What are LED screens?

LED screens are large format screens that are created by joining together LED modules of 0.5 x 0.5m or 0.5 x 1m. The individual LED modules are made up of small light-emitting diodes. The distance between the individual light emitting diodes (LEDs) determines the quality of the LED display. The closer the various LEDs are to each other, the higher the quality of the display. The most common qualities at present are 3.9 p.p. screens, 2.8 p.p. screens and 2.6 p.p. LED screens.

Advantages of renting LED screens for your brand in winter

  • The main advantage of LED screens for hire for brands that use them at events and events held in winter is that they allow large screens to be created quickly and easily. This makes it possible to create giant screens, which are not possible with other technologies, in short assembly times.
  • LED screens are available as indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens. The latter are resistant to all weather conditions. They can be used in direct sunlight, rain, wind, humidity, cold… This fact makes their rental more suitable for outdoor events than the rental of other screens, such as televisions, as they do not have sufficient protection or luminosity to be used outdoors and offer a good image quality.
  • The modular structure of the LED screens allows the size and shape of the screen to be adaptable to the needs of each client and location. Creating the screen desired by each client. Moreover, nowadays, the new LED screens allow the creation of circular LED screens and corner LED screens. Increasing the possibilities of creating LED screens.
  • LED screens can be installed in truss structures, on walls, in architectural elements… This allows them to be used anywhere. This allows brands to use LED screens in any space and place.

These advantages make them the ideal screens to make brands stand out in all kinds of events. Like fairs, congresses, trade fairs… Also, to make brands stand out in shopping centres, streets, shop windows, company events, sporting events… Making the brand stand out from the competition present, attracting the attention of those present.

How can you promote your brand on LED screens?

The presence of LED screens will allow brands to promote their products, services… With high quality videos and images on a large screen. They can reach a large number of people present. In addition, it will allow brands to show live images of the events they are holding. Getting your information to reach more and better to your potential customers.

LED screen rental for events

SB Service offers the rental of indoor and outdoor LED screens for events and events held in Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Milano, Zaragona, Valencia, Bilbao… We also have a wide variety of large format interactive touch screens, such as touch totems, touch kiosks or touch screens. We have a wide range of audiovisual and interactive touch screens for rent so that our clients can make an impact and make their brand stand out at events, concerts, shopping centres…

If you want to have a unique and striking way to make an impact, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you of our services and rates. Visit our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to see some of our montages using audiovisual and tactile devices.


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