Top audiovisual and interactive touch rentals in November

In the current post we want to show the main rentals of audiovisual and tactile interactives made by our company throughout the month of November. During this month of November we have had a large number of rentals of both audiovisual and tactile interactives.

Audiovisuals and tactile interactives: main rentals in november

  • Square truss structure at la Farga, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

This assembly consisted in setting up a large square truss structure to develop a stand for the Japan Weekend Barcelona. Held in La Farga, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

rental truss estructure

  • LED screen and 2 touchscreen smartphones for the Salón Look, Ifema, Madrid

Another of the works developed during the month of November was the rental of a 3.5 x 1.5 m P2.8 LED screen and two touch screens in the form of 49″ smartphones. The LED screen was used to display the brand’s corporate messages. And the smartphone devices were used to display the company’s website.

rental led screen interactives madrid rental led screen madrid

  • LED screen for an event at the CCIB, Barcelona

For this installation our technicians mounted a 1x3m p2.8 led screen, two 32″ touch screens and a 43″ TV in a stand for a corporate event. Held at the CCIB in Barcelona. In this way, our clients had a unique and striking way to impact on those present.

rental ccib barcelona led screen

  • LED display, TVs and touch screens for Smart City, Barcelona

One of the major events held at Fira de Barcelona during the month of November was the Smart City 2023 fair. A large event in which many companies participated. In this big event our company was in charge of the rental and assembly of a 3.5x2m p2.8 led screen, 16 43″ TVs, 2 43″ kiosks, 2 55″ touch screens, a 49″ touch totem, 1 TV 85″, 1 TV 80″, 1 TV 65″, 10 TV 42″, 5 TV 32″ and 1 TV 28″.

kiosk digital rental totems tactile Barcelona tv rental barcelona

  • Led screens, touch screens and TVs at C&R at IFEMA, Madrid

Another great corporate event in which we have participated during the month of November is the C&R event held at IFEMA, Madrid. For this event we were in charge of the rental and assembly of three LED screens (a 1x3m p2.8 led screen, a 4x2m p2.8 led screen and a 2.5×1.5m p2.8 led screen), 5 32″ touch screens, 1 49″ touch screen, 1 55″ TV, 2 55″ touch totems and 1 65″ TV.

led screen madrid events  screen led giant madrid

  • Circular LED screen and flat LED screen in Hannover, Germany

In the middle of the month we installed a large flat LED screen and a circular LED screen of 4m in diameter for a corporate event held in Hannover, Germany. Two large format LED screens that easily made the stand stand stand out at the event.

screen led circular rental rental led screen giant

  • Large format led screen for Smopyc, Zaragoza, Spain

This time we went to Zaragoza to install a large size p2.8 led screen for the Smopyc event, Zaragoza. Together with the large size stand, it allowed the clients to show their machinery to all the attendees.

screens led zaragoza rental screens led zaragoza

  • LED screens and interactive displays for Piscina & Wellness, Barcelona

For the fair Piscina & Wellness, Barcelona, we were in charge of the rental and installation of two large format LED screens and various interactive touch screens for various clients. They participated and made an impact in this great corporate event.

rental led screens events

  • Interactive touchscreens in the form of smartphones for several stores in Barcelona

In addition to assemblies for corporate events, this November we have made the rental of various interactive touchscreens in the form of smartphone. For various stores and offices of a client in the province of Barcelona. By renting these devices our client intended to promote their website.

rental bis touchscreen smartphone rental bis touchscreen smartphone barcelone

  • Smartphone touch interactives at IFEMA, Madrid

At another event held at Ifema, Madrid, we also rented another touchscreen device in the form of a smartphone. On this occasion, the client wanted the large smartphone to make their booth stand out within the event and get more attendees to approach their information.

smartphone giant tactile rental barcelona smartphone giant tactile rental

  • 12 touch kiosks for a private corporate event in Barcelona

One of the big rentals we have developed during this month of November has been the rental of 12 multimedia touch kiosks of 43″ and 55″. A private corporate event in which our interactive touch kiosks were used to display information about the different participating brands.

rental kiosck tactile madridkioscos tactiles rental touchscreens kiosk multimedia barcelona

Audiovisual and interactive touch kiosk rentals

SB Service, as we have observed in the current post, we have a great experience in the rental of audiovisual and interactive touchscreen kiosks for events. As fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions, concerts, festivals … Held in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Lleida, Bilbao … If you want to have a way to impact your presence in corporate events, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you of our rates and services as specialists in the rental of audiovisual and tactile interactives. Visit our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


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