Advantages and opportunities of tactile interactives for events in 2024

Large format tactile interactives are becoming more and more important and present in all types of corporate events. Year after year their presence in these types of events is increasing. And this trend is expected to continue in 2024. The presence of large format touch devices offers various advantages and opportunities to brands that use them in their presence at events.

In today’s post, as specialists in the rental of large format touchscreen interactives, we will outline the benefits and opportunities offered by tactile interactives and the models available to us for 2024.

Advantages and opportunities offered by tactile interactives for events in 2024

Interactive devices offer a number of benefits and opportunities for corporate events by providing a dynamic platform for engagement and communication. Here are some of the benefits of using them at corporate events:

  • Increased engagement of attendees: Tactile interactives attract the attention of attendees. This encourages active participation with brand information.
  • More dynamic presentations: interactive touchscreens allow the development of more dynamic and engaging presentations and demonstrations. By being able to better connect with attendees, highlighting the most important information and allowing attendees to interact with the information presented. Attendees will be able to participate in these dynamic presentations and receive instant feedback.
  • Interactive activities: in addition to interactive presentations, games, surveys, interactive responses, multimedia content… These interactive activities improve interaction with attendees and increase the number of attendees who are interested in the brand’s information.
  • Improve brand experiences: interactive devices allow brands to develop better brand experiences. Creating unique brand experiences that make them stand out from the competition. Making a greater number of attendees remember the brand at the end of the event. The use of interactive technologies can differentiate the brand at the corporate event, making it more memorable and stand out in the minds of attendees. This can contribute to the attendees’ positive perception of the company.
  • Attractiveness: large-format tactile interactives, due to their tactile technology and large size, manage to capture the attention of those present. This increases the number of visitors who approach the stand.
  • Gathering information in real time: by means of tactile interactives, brands can gather important information during the corporate event. Information that can be used later by the brand to improve the knowledge of their potential customers and develop new marketing strategies.
  • Attendee registration: interactive touchscreens can be used to collect information from event attendees who interact with them. Brands can choose to request registration before or after attendees participate in games, surveys, etc. In this way, they will have essential information about their potential customers.
  • Content customisation: Large format touch devices allow brands to customise the content they will display. According to their needs and preferences, making the desired brand information stand out.

In short, the use of touch devices at corporate events allows brands to improve engagement, collaboration and the overall attendee experience. At the same time they offer powerful tools for content presentation and effective communication. They are key elements to improve the interaction between the brand and the attendees during the event.

Types of touch interactives for corporate events 2024

  • Touchscreens: Large format touchscreens are the most versatile touch devices. Thanks to the fact that they can be installed by means of wheeled stands and wall mounts. They can function as interactive walls. They can be used to display multimedia content, interactive presentations, or even games involving multiple participants. Our company offers 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″ and 65″ touch screens.
  • Tactile totems: one of the tactile interactives, due to their large size and vertical shape, are the tactile interactive totems. They stand out for attracting the attention of those present thanks to their large size. We have 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″ and 65″ touch totems.
  • Interactive tactile kiosks: tactile kiosks are widely used in corporate events. Thanks to their ergonomic shape. They are ideal for displaying detailed information about the event, providing interactive maps, session schedules… Our company offers 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″ and 65″ touch kiosks.
  • Interactive Tables: interactive tables with touch surfaces, made by using touch screens. They are used to allow attendees to explore information, play games or interact with each other. These tables can be used in interactive exhibition areas. We have 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″ and 65″ touch tables.
  • Smartphone-shaped: One of the most eye-catching touch devices, due to their giant smartphone shape and touch technology, are the giant smartphone touch devices. These devices are ideal for the presentation of mobile applications at trade fairs and conferences. Giant smartphone-shaped interactive displays are available in 32″, 36″, 43″ and 49″.

Touchscreen interactive rental for corporate events

SB Service are specialists in the rental of tactile interactives for corporate events in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Milan, Berlin… Contact us, if you want to have large format tactile interactives or audiovisuals, such as led screens or televisions, to make an impact in corporate events held in 2024. Visit our Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn to see some of our event montages.


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