Circular LED screens: advantages over flat LED screens

Circular LED screens offer a number of advantages over flat LED screens. As specialists both in the rental of flat LED screens and in the rental of circular LED screens, we are well aware of the advantages and benefits offered by their use in corporate events. In today’s post we would like to explain the benefits of renting circular LED screens compared to flat LED screens.

Advantages of circular LED screens compared to flat LED screens

  • Unique visual attraction: Circular LED screens are distinctive. They attract the attention of the public in a unique way. Their circular shape stands out in environments where flat LED displays are no longer as eye-catching due to their high presence.
  • Visibility from multiple angles: the circular shape of these LED screens means that they can be seen from multiple angles. Without losing visibility. This fact is especially useful in environments such as trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions… Since in these spaces the public observes the screen from different directions.
  • Height: by having to be placed high up, circular LED screens can be seen by a greater number of people than most flat LED screens.
  • Less risk of visual obstructions: the circular shape of these LED screens mitigates the risk of visual obstructions. This means that the brand information reaches a greater number of people present than with flat LED screens. In which it is more likely that there are visual obstructions.
  • Aesthetic impact: Circular LED displays can add a distinctive aesthetic element to a space, contributing to the creation of modern and futuristic environments. In addition, their smaller presence at corporate events makes them more impactful than flat LED screens.
  • Immersive experience: In specific applications such as entertainment environments or interactive exhibitions, circular LED screens can provide a more immersive and immersive experience for the audience.
  • Content flexibility: Developing the content to be presented on circular LED displays can be a challenge in terms of content design, but it offers the opportunity to create new visual content that is more immersive and eye-catching. Which makes the brand stand out compared to traditional flat screens.

In short, circular LED displays offer a unique combination of design, visibility and versatility that can be especially beneficial in environments where a striking and distinctive visual presentation is sought. Achieving a greater impact than flat LED displays. Although they have the above advantages, they also have some disadvantages compared to flat LED displays. Circular LED screens must be installed high up and cannot be installed on walls. This makes them less versatile than flat LED screens.

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