What aspects to consider when renting LED screens for events in Barcelona?

When a company is organising its participation in a corporate event or a company event in Barcelona. Whether it is the participation in a trade fair, congress, exhibition… Or the organisation of a gala, your own event… You will probably need a way to get the information about your products, services or the acts that are happening to the largest possible number of people present. To achieve this objective, there are LED screens for rental for events in Barcelona.

These types of screens, thanks to their large size and quality, improve the communication of the company that chooses to rent them. This improvement in communication means that the rental and use of LED screens is becoming more and more common. This increased use has also led to an increase in the number of options available. This wide variety can make it difficult to choose one type of screen over another. For this reason, as specialists in the rental of LED screens for events in Barcelona, we want to expose several factors that should be considered when renting them.

Aspects to consider when renting led screens for events in Barcelona

  • Location of the LED screen

One of the essential aspects to take into account when renting an LED screen is its location. Depending on its location, you will have to choose one type of screen or another. Currently, you can opt for indoor LED screens or outdoor LED screens, and these can be flat or circular. In this way, LED screens can be adapted to the needs of all types of locations. The space where the LED screens will be located will determine the shape and size required. Furthermore, it will also determine how they will be distributed.

  • Distance from those present

Another essential aspect, in this case to say the quality of the LED screen to rent, is the distance at which the LED screen will be placed with respect to those present at the event held in Barcelona. The smaller the distance from those present, the higher the quality of the LED screen should be. In the case of LED screens, the quality is determined by the proximity of the pixels. The smaller the distance between them, the better the image quality of the LED screen.

  • Type of event

In addition to the location and distance from the audience, the type of event for which the LED screen is being rented must also be taken into account. Whether it is a sporting event, a fashion show, corporate events such as trade fairs or congresses, concerts or musicals. There will always be a LED screen that suits the needs of the event. For example, outdoor LED screens are suitable for outdoor events, such as many summer concerts and musicals held in Barcelona.

In summary, as we have observed in the current post the selection of the led screen for events held in Barcelona that meets the needs of the event and the use that will be given to it is not simple. Making the right decision will not be easy. For this reason, it is essential to rely on companies, such as ours, specialised in the rental and installation of LED screens for events in Barcelona. We have the necessary knowledge to know which screen will offer the best possible results for each event.

LED screen rental in Barcelona for events

If you would like to receive personalised attention to decide which LED screen is best suited to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you without obligation of our rates and services for LED screen rental in Barcelona. But also in Madrid, Zaragoza, Lleida, Girona, Bilbao, Valencia… And we have televisions, truss structure, touch screens, touch kiosks, touch totems… To suit the needs of each client and type of event. To see some of our audiovisual and interactive touchscreen installations for events, visit our Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.


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