LED cube screens: a unique way to make an impact

As specialists in the rental of LED screens for events, our goal is to meet the needs of our customers. And to achieve this, we are constantly incorporating new developments to our extensive catalogue of LED screens for hire. Being our last incorporation of the LED screens in cube. These LED screens stand out for their unique and striking shape. Below, we explain what LED cube screens are, their characteristics and how they make the brand stand out at the events where they are used.

What are LED cube screens?

LED cube screens are a variant of flat LED screens. This type of LED displays are designed in a three-dimensional form. They have a shape similar to a cubic structure. We can develop cubes with all its parts or only in some of them.

Characteristics of LED cube screens

  • Technical specifications

In the case of our LED screens for developing cube-shaped structures, they are composed of 0.5 x 0.5 m p.p. 2.8 LED modules. These characteristics allow us to offer a high quality image. As the pitch pixels are very close to each other.

  • Shape and size of the LED cube displays

These LED screens can vary in size and shape. Thanks to its structure, formed by the union of LED modules, we can develop small models to larger structures depending on the needs of each client and place of installation.

In addition, they can create complete cubes, with all their sides, or only with some of their sides. Creating corner LED screens. As you can see, its modular structure allows great flexibility to create the shape, size and configuration you need according to the specific needs of each event, project and location.

How do LED cube displays stand out?

They are a unique and eye-catching way of attracting the attention of those present. Thanks to being able to display information in different directions, which will reach a greater number of people. Their shape makes them stand out from flat LED screens, which are becoming increasingly common at trade fairs, conferences, corporate and sporting events…

In short, LED screens in the shape of a die or corner are a different, innovative and eye-catching way of displaying brand content. Improving the visual experience of the public and capturing the attention of a greater number of people present.

LED cube screens for event rental

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