What are the benefits of LED screens for events?

The rental of LED screens for events, fairs, concerts, congresses, exhibitions… It is a sector that continues to grow year after year. Its presence is becoming more and more common in all types of events. As specialists in their rental, we know the benefits offered by their rental for brands that choose to have them. In the current post we will expose the main benefits of having LED screens for events.

Benefits of renting LED screens for events

  • Viewed by all attendees

The large size of the LED screens for events make them to be seen by all attendees, guests or visitors of the event. This means that the information about the participating brand or the event can be seen by a larger number of attendees.

  • Great visual impact

Another benefit of renting LED screens for events is their great capacity for visual impact. This improves the impact capacity of the stand and the participating company. Thanks to the presence of LED screens, they can make a greater and more effective impact at corporate events.

  • More attractive event

Thanks to the presence of LED screens at the event, a more attractive space is created. It manages to show more effectively the commercial information of the brand or the events of the event. Improving the visitors’ experience.

  • Greater visibility

By improving the impact capacity of the brands participating in the event, you will also improve your visibility. Getting the brand’s message and services to a larger number of visitors. Improving the results of the brand’s participation in the event.

  • Great versatility

LED screens, thanks to their modular structure, allow you to create screens of different sizes and shapes. Easily adapting to the needs of each client. Giant LED screens can be developed in short assembly times. This great versatility makes them ideal for short duration events.

  • Content changes

As they are dynamic advertising screens, they allow brands to make content changes at any time. Being able to adapt the content to the audience present, time of day, time of the event… Brands can make all the content changes they want in real time. Showing relevant and dynamic information throughout the event.

The presence of LED screens allows the visual capacity of the brand to be taken to a higher level. The rental of LED screens for events offers a large number of benefits. They are ideal for use at trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions… Thanks to our years of experience we can offer a personalised service to each client. Creating and installing the LED screen that suits your needs, budgets and place of installation.

LED screen rental service for events

SB Service has giant LED screens, both outdoor LED screens and indoor LED screens. They can be installed in all types of events held in Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Lleida… In addition to LED screens, we have televisions, truss structures, touch totems, multimedia kiosks, touch screens in the form of smartphones, touch tables, touch screens… If you want to have high quality LED screens for your events, do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to see some of our set-ups for commercial events.


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