Month of May: rental of audiovisuals and tactile interactives

In the current post we want to expose various assemblies that we have made during the month of May with the rental of our audiovisual and tactile interactives for different events in Barcelona, Madrid, Ciudad Real… We will expose the characteristics of different assemblies and the installed material.

Some examples of the set-ups in May with audiovisuals and tactile interactive systems

Great rental for Hispack 2024, Barcelona in May

At the beginning of May we participated as stand fitters for the large corporate exhibition Hispack 2024, Barcelona. In this event we developed several assemblies, both large format LED screens as well as televisions and interactive touch screens. For Hispack we installed a 3×1.5m p.p. 2.8 LED screen, a 3.5×1.5m screen, a 3x2m p.p.2.6 LED screen, and a 3.5x2m p.p. 2.8 LED screen. All these screens were indoor flat LED screens. In addition, we mounted an indoor LED screen in the shape of a 1x1m cube.

In addition to the LED screens, for this big event we rented and set up several large format televisions and interactive displays. As you can see in the following images, we rented various touch screens, totems, touch multimedia kiosks and televisions.

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rental led screens barcelona rental led screen barcelona

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Touchscreen rental barcelona rental Interactive kiosk rental Interactive kiosk barcelona

Installation at the Hotel Riu Plaza Madrid

Another installation carried out during the month of May was the installation at the Hotel Riu Plaza Madrid. In this set-up we installed a touch device in the form of a large format smartphone and a vertical touch screen. Through its presence, the exhibiting brand was able to show its content in a striking and eye-catching way.

tactil touch barcelona rental giant smartphone

Various productions at Wanda Metropolitano Madrid

During the month of May we carried out two installations at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid. In the first installation we installed two multimedia touch kiosks, a touch totem and a device in the form of a smartphone. In the second installation at the Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, we installed a touch totem.

Interactive kiosk madrid rental Interactive kiosk madrid Interactive hire madrid

Rental Interactive kiosk Interactive hire madrid

Totem rental for Malaga

In Malaga we participated in the Padel World Summit event, held in FYCMA, with the assembly of three tactile totems for an event dedicated to padel professionals. For the participation in this event of one of our clients.

rental totems touchscreens

Assembly for SENPE, Mallorca

In Mallorca we participated with the assembly of a large format led screen, a 6x3m p.p.2.6 led screen, a multimedia touch totem and two 85’ televisions. For the SENPE event, thanks to the large LED screen, our clients were able to stand out and reach a larger number of attendees.

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CCIB Assembly; Barcelona

At the Barcelona International Convention Centre, CCIB, we carried out various touch screen installations for different congresses. The touch screens were used to show our clients’ information in an interactive and eye-catching way. We also took care of the installation of a large format television for rent at the CCIB.

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LED screens for Construmat, Barcelona

For this large corporate event, we installed two large indoor flat LED screens. Two large format screens that allowed the stands to stand out from the great competition present. Showing videos, images and messages on large format screens, capable of capturing the attention of those present.

rental led screens barcelona rental led screens madrid

Installation in Ciudad Real

Another large installation carried out during the month of May was for a trade fair held in Ciudad Real. In this stand we set up a large format LED screen, capable of showing the brand’s corporate videos on a high quality giant screen.

led screens madrid

Twirling Championship, L’Hospitalet

At the end of May we took care of the installation of a large LED screen for a twirling championship held in L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. Thanks to the presence of the led screen it was possible to show on a large screen what was happening on the court. This allowed all the public present to see the event.

led screen events

SEPA, Bilbao, Spain

Another of the set-ups at the end of May was a vertical LED screen for the SEPA event, held at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao. For a brand exhibiting at the event.

led screens rental madrid led screens rental barcelona

La Farga, L’Hospitalet

To finish the month, we made the last rental of the month of May. In this last set-up we set up a large truss structure and a 75’ TV screen. The truss structure was used for the placement of black fabric that served as the walls of the stand.

truss structure rental barcelona televisions rent barcelona

Suppliers of audiovisuals and tactile interactives for events

As we have seen in the current post, our company has a wide variety of audiovisual and interactive touch screens for all kinds of events. Such as fairs, congresses, sporting events, corporate events, concerts, exhibitions… Held in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga, Valencia, Zaragoza… Composed of indoor LED screens, outdoor LED screens, touch totems, multimedia kisocos, touch screens, truss structure and televisions. If you want to make an impact in your events, do not hesitate to contact us. And follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to see some of our event setups.


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