TVs and events: How do they make an impact?

The presence of televisions at corporate and business events improves their visual impact. This great capacity for impact and transmission of content makes their presence increasingly common in all types of events, both business and corporate, as well as other types of events. In this post, as specialists in the rental of televisions in Barcelona and Madrid, we will explain the characteristics of tvs for rent for events. And what they offer to the events where they are used.

Characteristics of TVs for rent

TVs for rent have 4K UHD resolution screens, offering the best image quality. They have HDMI input, USB input, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection to be able to incorporate the desired content. Currently, there are TVs ranging from smaller TVs, such as 43″ TVs, to large 75″ or 85″ TVs. They can be easily adapted to the available space.

Rental TVs can be rented with wall brackets or floor stands with wheels. Thanks to the different types of brackets, they can be installed anywhere. Making them more versatile than other audiovisual devices, such as LED screens. The installation of TVs for rent is quick and versatile.

In addition, rental televisions can play looped videos and looped images. This will allow customers to display images or videos throughout the event without worrying about the content.

TVs and events: What do they offer?

Thanks to the presence of TVs for rent, companies will have a better way to show their content. Improving their impact capacity and ensuring that those present can acquire more information than through physical static advertising media.

By using televisions for events, brands can show their content, develop conferences in corporate events, develop private presentations… Televisions can be present from large corporate events to small meetings or weddings. In any event or activity that needs to show images, videos or presentations, you can opt for the rental of televisions.

The combination of quick and easy installation, versatility and lower price than other audiovisual elements. Make televisions one of the most requested elements for all types of events. In an era where events are increasingly incorporating a greater number of audiovisual resources. It is essential to incorporate some such as televisions in the design of stands or events. Customers will be able to incorporate them more easily thanks to their lower rental price.

TV rental for events

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