Audiovisual resources to enhance the impact of your stand

Trade fairs and corporate events continue to grow year after year. They bring together more companies and people from a particular business sector. This fact makes it increasingly difficult to stand out at these types of events and attract visitors to their stands. To achieve this goal, the use of audiovisual resources offers brands the possibility to generate a greater visual impact.

Today’s corporate events are events where visitors expect to see dynamic, fluid and entertaining content. For this reason, it is essential to incorporate audiovisual resources into brand stands. To be able to offer these types of content to those present at the event. In today’s post, as specialists in the rental of audiovisuals for events, we explain what audiovisual resources are, how they improve the brand’s impact capacity and what audiovisuals our company has at its disposal.

What are audiovisual resources?

Audiovisual resources are the elements in which audio, image or both predominate. They are the elements that transmit through the senses of hearing and sight. Such as screens, televisions, sound equipment, touch screens… These types are the most commonly used in corporate events.

What does su offer exhibiting brands?

The use of audiovisual resources, such as televisions and LED screens, can enhance the qualities of the message and its capacity for impact and transmission. In addition, they can be used to display corporate messages in spaces that were previously simple walls. Allowing more informative content to be displayed. Improving the brand’s communication capacity.

What audiovisual resources does our company have?

Our company has a wide range of audiovisuals for hire. In addition, we have extensive experience in the corporate events sector to offer a professional service. Within our catalogue we have an audiovisual section made up of indoor LED screens, outdoor LED screens, televisions and truss structures. And with the section of tactile interactives, formed by tactile totems, tactile interactives in the form of giant smartphones, tactile multimedia kiosks, tactile screens and tactile tables.

This wide catalogue of audiovisuals and tactile interactives, of various sizes and formats, allows us to offer our clients a variety of ways to stand out at corporate events.

Thanks to the presence of audiovisual resources such as those shown in the current post, brands manage to improve their capacity for impact. Improving the exhibitor’s brand image and making their presence at the event more beneficial for the brand. Thanks to attracting a greater number of attendees.

Rental of audiovisual resources for events

SB Service specialises in the rental of audiovisual equipment for all types of events. Such as fairs, congresses, exhibitions, company events, festivals, concerts… With them our clients can improve their capacity for impact and communication. We rent audiovisuals in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Valencia… Contact us, if you want to have led screens, televisions, touch totems… Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to see some of our montages for events.


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