Characteristics and uses of outdoor LED screens for summer events

In the current post, as specialists in the rental of LED screens for events, and being in the summer season, we want to expose the characteristics of outdoor LED screens, their possible uses and why they are ideal for summer events.

Characteristics of outdoor LED screens

Outdoor LED screens are technologically advanced screens that can be used outdoors. Thanks to the fact that they are LED screens with IP65 protection rating. They can be used outdoors even in rain, direct sun, wind… Moreover, they are LED screens that have a higher brightness and contrast. Offering an excellent image quality outdoors. They can be used during the day. They are able to show videos and images in high quality and sharpness to those present.

Outdoor LED screens, like indoor LED screens, are versatile screens. They are formed by joining 50×50 cm or 50×100 cm LED modules. Allowing to create all kinds of sizes. From small LED screens, such as the 3x2m LED screens, to giant LED screens, such as the 5x7m LED screens.

Possible uses of these LED screens

Concerts and festivals

One of the events that most demand the rental of outdoor LED screens are concerts and festivals. And these types of events are often held outdoors during the summer season. These types of LED screens are widely used to show what is happening on stage to everyone present.

Corporate events

Another of the events that request more outdoor LED screens are corporate events. These events are held outdoors in summer, taking advantage of the good weather. In these events the LED screens are used to show the event and images and videos of the company.

Weddings and family parties

Also, in summer, weddings and other types of family parties are often held outdoors. In these types of events LED screens are used to show family videos and images. Or for any other activity that needs to show a large and high quality image outdoors.

In addition, outdoor LED screens are widely used for outdoor signage and advertising. Also, for major festivals, sporting events, political events, academic events… Any type of event held outdoors that wants to show images and videos in high quality and sharpness under direct sunlight.

Outdoor led screen rental in Barcelona, Madrid…

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