SBS offers you two main alternatives for large format screens hire: LED Wall and Video Wall. Both technologies are used indifferently in all kinds of events today.

Each technology has its strengths.

The LED Wall allows the creation of screens from half a meter by half a meter to gigantic screens of more than 300 square meters, the brightness is impressive thanks to its SMD LED technology and the resolution will depend on the pixel pitch.

This technology is commonly used at live shows, trade shows, or sporting events.

The Video wall consists of creating a matrix by joining a specific number of full HD resolution monitors. The matrix usually has a 16:9 format, but we can also create ultra-panoramic or creative shapes.

The resolution of these monitors is higher than in the case of the LED Wall, they also allow portrait and landscape use, although the frames of each monitor give us a different seamless feeling as the LED Wall.

In both cases it is possible to use the entire display as a single screen or divide the content by monitors or by zones, using methods such as PinP and through different technologies such as Userful or Watchout.


LED Wall

We have P2.6 and P3.91 pixel pitch LED Wall for indoor useand P4.8 for outdoor use. Showing large format screens with the best possible quality.

Video Wall

We use both 46 and 55 inches Full HD displays with ultra thin bezel 1.8mm to achieve great quality Video Wall matrices such as 3x1, 2x2, 3x2, 3x3


SB Service complements these large format screens with professional audio equipment, wireless microphones for your presentations, real-time multi-image control software, video mixers, truss structures for height mounting...

The high quality of our Video Wall and LED Wall makes the image projected on them clear, allowing the information shown on them to be displayed in the highest possible quality. These giant screens are ideal for concerts, fairs, exhibitions, congresses, product presentations…

The presence of these giant screens at events and trade fairs will allow your company to attract the attention of those present. Getting as many potential customers as possible to your stand, ensuring the success of your presence at the event.

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