Giant LED screens: impact for events

Giant LED screens are audiovisual elements with great visual impact. This power of impact makes them ideal for use in events such as concerts, stands, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, parties… They can also be used in shopping centres, hotels, shops, discotheques…

Variety of giant led screens

The structure of the led screens, created thanks to the union of cabinets, allows us to create giant led screens of the size desired by the client. From smaller screens of 2 x 3 m to large screens of 6 x 8 m. The union of the cabinets allows us to create the screen size that suits the needs of each client and type of event.

A multitude of uses

The rental of LED screens for events, hotels, shopping centres, etc. allows us to make an impact on those present, clients and/or users. High image quality, high resolution and luminosity. Thanks to the existing variety it can be used both outdoors and indoors. You will be able to make your information reach all those present, as well as attract their attention thanks to these characteristics.

Giant LED screens allow you to customise the content at any time. You can update the content at any time. Without having to change the screen or any extra cost. As if it happened with advertising in print, signs… That every so often the owners had to pay to update the information that appeared.

In addition, its structure allows them to be installed and uninstalled in a simple way. They can be used in different events in different locations. They are ideal for concerts, major festivals, shows, leisure events, theatre, competitions, company events… Large events, where, thanks to the presence of a giant LED screen, the information will reach all those present.

The great lightness and versatility of LED screens makes it possible to create large format flat, concave or curved screens. LED screens, due to their unique characteristics, offer great advertising and marketing possibilities. You can display information and advertising and your brand in a different and eye-catching way. Making your brand stand out in any type of event in which it participates. If you want to know more about the importance of renting them, please visit Importance of LED screen rental for events.

 Led screen rental service

SB Service are specialists in the rental of giant LED screens for all types of events. Such as concerts, fairs, leisure events, shows, halls… We offer our clients a wide variety of indoor and outdoor LED screens. We also have video walls, TVs for rent, truss structures, digital touch totems, outdoor touch totems, touch kiosks and touch screens. To offer a wide variety of audiovisual and interactive touch screens in Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon, Berlin, Paris, Toulouse, Hamburg, Milan, Bologna, Frankfurt… if you want to have a giant LED screen, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without obligation.


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