Large-scale events and giant LED screens

The best way to get the information to all those present at large events such as concerts, festivals, fairs, sporting events, halls… Is the use of a giant LED screen. Thanks to its large size, it can fulfil this objective and all those present can observe the information of the event. Crowded events are attended by a large number of people who want to enjoy the event and what is happening there. For this reason, we would like to explain the type of events in which giant LED screens are used and the advantages they bring to the event.

Mass events that use giant LED screens

Sporting events

Sporting events, from tennis competitions to the broadcasting of matches, require the use of LED screens to ensure that the large audience present at the event can receive all the information. About what is happening in the match, competition, race… For this reason, it is one of the types of events that makes greater use of them. Outdoor LED screens are the best suited to the needs of sporting events.

Corporate events

Company events, such as annual meetings, company celebrations, team building activities, etc…. That bring together many employees of the company or a large number of customers need the use of LED screens. So that those present can easily observe what is happening at one point of the event.


Concerts, as large events where a large number of people gather, it can happen that people in the back rows cannot observe what is happening on stage or cannot observe it well. To solve this problem there are high quality giant LED screens. Which will allow the whole audience to enjoy the concert.

Corporate events

Corporate events are one of the types of events that most often require the rental of LED screens. Since companies aim to make an impact on those present, LED screens allow them to capture the attention of visitors. And make the brand stand out from the competition.

Advantages of giant LED screens

The rental of LED screens for large events allows you to get the most out of your event. Getting everyone present to enjoy the event. In addition, this type of LED screens will be adapted to the needs of each type of event. There are outdoor LED screens and indoor LED screens.

Depending on the distance of the audience, the distance between pixels can be 2.9 or 2.9 mm. Achieving a high quality of images and high luminosity. With this quality you will be able to offer the information of the event in the best possible quality. Being able to observe all the details of the event. If you want to know more advantages of renting giant led screens, do not hesitate to read our post Importance of renting led screens for events.

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