Types of LED screens for corporate events

More and more people consider that LED screen rental is necessary and useful for their presence at corporate events. As we saw in the post ‘What are the benefits of LED screens for events?’, they improve the brand’s impact capacity. LED technology is evolving and there are more and more types of LED screens. The following are the types of LED screens most commonly used in corporate events.

What types of LED screens are there for corporate events?

Giant LED screens

One of the most commonly used types of LED screens are giant LED screens. By joining LED modules together, large LED screens can be developed. They can show videos and images on high quality giant screens. This makes an impact and attracts those present. The presence of giant LED screens makes it possible to show videos, images and broadcast live in an easy and effective way. Offering your content to those present and visitors in the best possible quality.

Corner LED screens

Another type of LED screens that are widely used in corporate events are corner LED screens. These types of LED screens stand out for their square shape. They can create a complete square or just different sides. In this way, the brand information, whether in images or videos, can be seen from different parts of the fairground.

Curved LED displays

Curved LED displays are modular LED displays that can be installed in a curved shape. Creating a circular or curved LED display according to the customer’s needs. Our company has circular LED screens of 4 m and various sizes in curved form. We can create large curved LED screens.

These circular LED screens are more creative, allowing the display companies to create different and striking shapes. Achieving circular structural solutions. Round truss structures are used to create circular and curved LED displays. Circular LED screens allow images and videos to be displayed in 360º. Achieving a greater visual impact than with the use of flat LED screens.

Outdoor LED screens

Another type of LED screen, which is increasingly used at corporate events, are outdoor LED screens. These are ideal for use at corporate events held outdoors. This is the case for many corporate events. Thanks to their protection, they can be used outdoors to withstand inclement weather.

Thanks to their modular structure, LED screens can be made in any size and shape. Being the ideal option to create giant screens, high quality and suitable for any space and need. Creating infinite sizes. Being able to show the content of the brand or event on high quality giant screens that can be used outdoors.

In addition to its use for corporate events, it is also suitable for other live events. Such as concerts, major parties, award ceremonies, galas… Any live event that needs to get information about the event to those present.

Rental of LED screens for events, fairs, congresses…

SB Service has high quality LED screens for events, both indoor and outdoor. We also have truss structures, televisions, tactile totems, multimedia kiosks, tactile tables… Unique and eye-catching ways to make an impact in corporate events in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Girona, Bilbao, Tarragona, Lleida, Valencia… If you want to have any of them do not hesitate to contact us. Follow us on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to see some of our montages for events.


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