Incorporation of the 4k outdoor touch totem

At SB Service we present the latest addition to our extensive catalogue of state-of-the-art audiovisuals. It is the 4k outdoor touch totem.

The 4k outdoor touch totem from 55″ consists of a 4k touch screen with 10 simultaneous touch points. And Wi-Fi, HDMI inputs, USB, fan and computer (CPU: I5 7500 P170 HDMI 2.0, CPU: SSD 128G, RAM: DDR3 8GB).

It has a protection rating of IP 65, which allows it to work at full capacity outdoors. With temperatures between -30ºC and 70ºC, supporting all weather elements. Both rain, wind, sun, humidity and heat.

These characteristics make it ideal for developing product presentations and marketing and advertising campaigns outdoors. Being able to present the information about your brand, company or product in a different and original way in the best possible quality.

Thanks to its presence, those present at the event will be able to interact with your information in an autonomous way, achieving a unique experience, getting closer to your brand. In this way, you can ensure that your presence at fairs, conferences, exhibitions … is a success.

The 4k outdoor touch totem can be customized through interactive apps developed by our team of programmers. Having our own team allows us to adapt to the needs and guidelines of our customers. Being able to develop games, maps, menus, interactive catalogs, central reservation …

Experience offered by SB Service:

SB Service has extensive experience in the audiovisual rental sector. Backed up by our presence at trade fairs such as FITUR, MWC, 4YFN, Smart City, IBTM, Saló de l’Ensenyament, B-Travel, Alimentaria, Vive la Moto, Fruit Attracttion… which enables us to offer a comprehensive and professional service to our customers.

The rest of our catalogue is made up of Truss, Video Wall, Led Wall and Smart TV. And for the interactive touch elements, Smartphones, Totems, Rotating Totems, screens and kiosks. All with 4k quality and large format screens.

If you wish to receive a personalized budget for your needs and rental days, please contact us in the contact section. To follow our latest assemblies and see the quality of our touch elements follow us on Instagram and Youtube.

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