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SB Service has a department that programs-develops softwares and customised applications (APP) for our interactive touchscreens both for rental and for sale. We develop interactive software for touch screens such as vertical or horizontal indoor totems, outdoor totems, kiosks, tables, in the form of smartphones and touch screens.

We develop applications and software for sectors such as hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, offices and meeting centres, sports complexes and marketing companies… At a private level. And, at a public level, universities, airports, town halls, museums and art galleries, exhibitions, libraries…

Customised applications for your business

We can develop custom applications and softwares for each client. Created by our team of programmers, they are based on a web app. It has its own domain and hosting on our dedicated servers.

We will create a QR code that your customers can use to download the application available on Google Play. As it is a web app it will not take up space on your customer’s device.

The applications have a control panel for those responsible for their content accessible from any device. You can create different users with different privileges.  To edit, create content, publish in sections and always in real time.

Characteristics of the tactile interactives for rent

The interactive touch screens are made up of 4k touch screens, multitouch technology, with 10 touch points, Wi-Fi and built-in computer. Thanks to these features you can customize the way you want them. Creating a different and unique way to display your information.

More than 30 years of professional experience in the rental sector for fairs, exhibitions, congresses, marketing or all kinds of events. This is what we offer as a guarantee and solvency in all our rental services. We are leaders in the rental, innovation and programming of interactive touch applications for our capacitive screens.

We also have an audiovisual rental section. Formed by Video Wall, Led Wall, Smart TV, truss, round truss and black truss.

Contact us without obligation, we will inform you about interactive touch applications.


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