The importance of connectivity for trade fairs, congresses and exhibitions

Nowadays, connectivity is a key element in any event. This connectivity is necessary, both for those present at the event to have a fast internet connection. But also to offer different and unique experiences at the fairs, congresses and shows where your company participates. For this reason, connectivity can be a crucial element that can make the difference between the success or failure of your presence at trade fairs and congresses.

The connectivity made possible by the advent of the internet has completely changed all business sectors and our daily lives. Nowadays there is no company and/or person who does not have access to the Internet. This fact also marks the face-to-face events. Thanks to connectivity, people who cannot attend in person will be able to be present at trade fairs and shows. It will also allow conferences to be held from other places and to be broadcast live at the event.

Connectivity and activities

It will also allow the development of innovative and different activities at the stands. Those present at the event will be able to interact with people who are not physically present at the event. The arrival of 5G, the fifth generation of connectivity, which is gradually entering our lives, offers very high bandwidth and great speed and immediacy. It is what breaks down any time barrier allowing opportunities over vast distances at a phone clip.

This connectivity, given the current situation of Covid-19, takes on great importance. Allowing the development of face-to-face and virtual events at the same time. SB Service offers large-format tactile interactives, through which you can develop this type of event. Allowing conferences, calls, remote activities…

SB Service offers high technology and professionalism

All our tactile and audiovisual devices are of the latest generation, offering the rental of led wall, video wall, truss, tactile kiosks, tactile totems, rotating totems, outdoor totems… We offer a solution to each of your ideas and for both large and small events. Our experience has allowed us to provide solutions with our audiovisual systems to meet any type of need. In our years of experience we have participated in fairs such as MWC, FITUR, Smopyc, SIMA, ISE, e-Show, B-Travel, Bizbarcelona, Madrid Fusión, BforPlanet, Automobile Barcelona, Saló Nàutic de Barcelona, Carvaning, IOT Solutions, Iberflora, Ecofira, Efiaqua, Funermostra, SIF, Feria Hábitat Valencia, Figan, FIMA, SMAGUA, H&T, Natura Málaga, S-moving, Vitur Summit, Simed, Food 4 future, Expovacaciones, bedigital, Steel Tech… In cities such as Málaga, Valencia, Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona

Our main objective is to meet the needs of our customers to achieve their objectives in fairs, congresses, events… In which your company participates. Our rental includes, if the client needs it, technical assistance during the event. If you would like to have a tactile and/or audiovisual element for your presence at events, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without obligation. Follow us on Instagram, to see our latest work and montages.


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