Truss, an eye-catching structure for creating ephemeral spaces

The Truss is a striking and elegant structure that allows the development of a multitude of ephemeral spaces. It is a modular aluminium structure of different thicknesses and lengths which, due to its lightness, is ideal for the assembly of a multitude of structures and designs.

They are solid and light structures that are easy to handle. They are easy to assemble and transport. Made up of bases and modules that fit together like a lego or Meccano to build aluminium structures. They are ideal as a truss to house a stand, a stage, a lighting and sound enclosure for concerts, outdoor events…

The Truss system is made up of several parts that fit together easily. These features make it easy and quick for installers to install. In addition, installers will be able to install all kinds of elements thanks to the fact that it is an aluminium structure. Lightweight, but, at the same time, very resistant. It is also resistant to oxidation and can be installed outdoors.

Truss features and characteristics

  • It is a rigid structure formed by long beams. They can be supported without the need for columns. It allows the design of spaces of different sizes thanks to its modular system.
  • Short installation time. It is easy to assemble and handle.
  • Suitable for outdoors as the aluminium structure is rust resistant and withstands adverse weather conditions.
  • Wide variety: within the truss system there is black truss, circular truss and square truss. This wide variety makes it possible to create ephemeral spaces and support structures in the shape and colour of the customer’s choice.

The TRUSS structure is the ideal solution for events at trade fairs and congresses. Spaces where the installation allows the creation of ephemeral spaces to promote the brand. Installing the elements desired by the client. Such as large signs or LED screens. They are the ideal advertising supports. The truss system makes it possible to create modular rooms and separate spaces in an enclosure. They are, therefore, ideal for any type of event.

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