Audiovisuals and touch devices for corporate events

The events that a company or individual organises and that require audiovisuals and touch devices are very numerous. From a particular celebration, such as a wedding, to company parties, launching a new product, exhibiting at a trade fair… In all these cases audiovisuals and tactile devices make the difference. Since it is the best alternative to make an impact in corporate events.

Audiovisuals are the ideal solution for organising a multitude of events. They make it possible to create ephemeral spaces and to have impressive elements in them.  Having audiovisual rentals will save your brand a lot of money. As they are very expensive products that are constantly being renewed. The acquisition of these goods involves a large financial outlay for the company and the problem of storage and maintenance. Having rented audiovisual material allows you to solve problems and guarantee that your audiovisual material is always new, of high quality and up to date. We will be able to adapt to the needs of each type of event.

Below is our catalogue of tactile interactive and audiovisual equipment for rental for corporate events in 2022.

Rental catalogue for corporate events 2022

Audiovisual rental

The rental of audiovisual equipment offers the latest technological advances, another of the many advantages of renting. Our catalogue of audiovisual equipment is very extensive, which we set out below.

  • LED screens: these are the screens for hire that offer the largest sizes. The LED screen can be developed in the size desired by each client. Thanks to being the union of modules of 50×50 cm. Creating giant screens for rent to impact on those present at corporate events, such as fairs, congresses, halls, exhibitions…
  • Video Wall: the video wall for rent is made up of several LED screens joined together, with a very small separation space. Offering a high quality large format screen.
  • Televisions: these are the most versatile screens with the greatest number of options. You will be able to rent televisions from 32″ to 80″. In 4k quality and in the case of 80″ TVs in FHD quality.
  • Truss structure: the truss structure is the aluminium system that allows you to create ephemeral structures of your choice. The truss structure is made of aluminium which allows its transport and assembly. We have square truss, circular truss and black truss.

Rental of tactile devices

Within our catalogue of audiovisual and tactile devices, the interactive tactile devices stand out. Due to their great power of attraction in corporate events.

  • Touch screens: these are the most versatile interactive touch devices. Our team can install them in any location by means of wheeled brackets and wall brackets. We have a wide variety of sizes of touch screens for rent to suit the needs of each client and stand.
  • Tactile totems: within the section of tactile totems or mupis for rent, we have outdoor advertising totems, indoor tactile totems and indoor rotating totems. The 4k interactive touch totems are the tactile devices for the promotion of your products during the development of the fair your stand can have one of the most striking audiovisual solutions. Its large, robust, modern and very versatile structure makes an impact on those present.
  • Touch kiosks: the rental of touch kiosks allows you to have touch devices with ergonomic shape and easy installation. Their easy installation makes them ideal for trade fairs, congresses and exhibitions.
  • Smartphone-shaped: these are the most eye-catching touch devices. They are a large-format touchscreen device in the shape of a smartphone. In combination with touch screens, with capacitive technology with 10 simultaneous touch points, they recreate the experience of using a traditional smartphone in a large-format touch device.

All touch devices can connect to the internet via wifi. And can be customised with the application of your choice thanks to the built-in computer. Visitors will be able to access the touch devices to your information, services, products… Interacting with your content through the interactive touch devices.

SB Service rental of audiovisual and touch devices for corporate events

Have a company specialised in the rental of touchscreen and audiovisual devices with experience in the sector. Offering quality and reliability in all their services. Like our company SB Service. We have the rental of audiovisual and interactive touchscreen devices exposed above in Madrid, Barcelona, Lleida, Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao… Or for any event held in Spain and Europe. Visit Instagram to see our montages.


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