LED screen rental in Barcelona for events and fairs

The rental of LED screens in Barcelona for events, fairs, congresses, halls… is increasingly in demand. Thanks to the various communicative advantages that this type of screens offer to the events where they are used. Here are the main advantages of LED screens for rent for events.

Advantages of renting LED screens in Barcelona

High image quality

The image offered by LED screens for events is of high quality. Thanks to their high luminosity and resolution. Depending on the distance at which the led screen is placed, you can choose between pixel pitch resolutions p.p. 2.8 or 3.9. We can use the 3.9 quality LED screens outdoors.

Wide range of sizes

By combining various LED cabinets, large screens can be developed. It allows us to adapt to the needs of all types of events and projects. Forming a multitude of sizes and designs. Being able to create giant LED screens in Barcelona that will get your information to all those present at the event.

Robust and elegant design

The slim, borderless design of the LED screens does not prevent them from being very robust. This makes them ideal for the event sector. We can assemble and disassemble them many times without affecting their quality. The structure of the LED screens allows us to assemble them quickly and efficiently. Creating giant LED screens of large size in a short time.

High impact power of LED screens in Barcelona

As we have observed in the current post, by renting LED screens you can create giant screens for all kinds of events. This will allow the information of your brand to reach everyone present. Getting a great impact and making your information stand out from the competition. And, consequently, you will make more attendees aware of your information. Increasing the likelihood that a greater number of attendees will want to know and find out about your brand’s products and services.

These advantages and characteristics of LED screens make them perfect for renting at stages, fairs, concerts, stands, congresses, theatres, hotels, conventions… If you wish to have a giant LED screen for your event in Barcelona and other cities in Europe. Such as Madrid, Paris, Lyon, Milan, Bologna, Marseille, Monaco, Valencia, Zaragoza, Berlin, Hamburg… Do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you of our rental rates for LED screens in Barcelona without obligation. Also, we will inform you about the rest of our tactile and audiovisual devices for rent for events.


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