How to decide whether to have LED screens or televisions?

When a company decides to participate in a corporate event, one of the questions they ask themselves is how to make an impact on those present. At that moment they decide to have a large format audiovisual element to impact the large audience present. Getting a greater number of them to approach your stand and thus achieve the objectives of your brand for the event.

Within the large format audiovisuals there are various audiovisual elements with which to make an impact. The most commonly used are giant LED screens and large format televisions. The following are the characteristics of LED screens and large format televisions. To make it easier for brands to choose the type of large-format audiovisual display to use on their stand.

LED screens or large format televisions?

  • LED screens

This type of screens stand out for being large screens formed by the union of several 50 x 50 cm cabinets. This allows us to create a LED screen of the size desired by each client. Moreover, they offer great flexibility and adaptability to the needs of each client and type of stand. The fact that the screens are made up of cabinets allows us to create the shape that best suits the space on the stand. We can install them in curved places and with more complex shapes than the rest of the screens.

Thanks to being able to create giant LED screens, brands can attract the attention of those present from a great distance. This attracts the attention of those present. Being one of the most eye-catching elements that a stand can have. This power of attraction makes them one of the most popular types of screens nowadays.

  • Large format televisions

Large format televisions for rent are characterised by being 55″, 60″, 65″, 70″, 75″, 80″ and 85″ televisions with 4K resolution. They provide high quality images and videos that can be watched from great distances. Another great feature is their great versatility. They can be installed anywhere in the stand, thanks to the wall brackets and stands with wheels. This great versatility and the fact of being able to place more than one in the same stand, makes them one of the most demanded audiovisuals.

Comparatively larger screens can be achieved with LED screens. They are ideal for capturing the attention of the public present at a great distance. This means that they are requested to be placed in preferential locations within the stand. So that they can be seen from as many places as possible on the exhibition site. In the case of televisions for rent, their great versatility makes them ideal for the placement of several within the stand. This will attract the attention of visitors who have approached your stand.

The combination of the two types of displays would be the most cost-effective option. For brands participating in trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions… They will be able to make an impact on the large distant public through LED screens. And visitors who have approached the stand through large format televisions.

Audiovisual rental service

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