Outdoor LED screen for summer events

Outdoor LED screen are large format screens that allow images, videos, advertising, etc. to be displayed at outdoor events. They are resistant to rain, wind, cold, direct sun… Their characteristics make them the most commonly used types of screens at events held in summer.

Characteristics of outdoor LED screen

  • Resistance

One of the most important characteristics of outdoor LED screen is their resistance. They are characterised by their IP65 protection rating. In this way, they can be installed and used outdoors. They are ideal for events held in summer. Allowing stage information, images, videos… to reach all those present. The outdoor LED screens are watertight, preventing inclement weather from interfering with their proper functioning.

  • Brightness

Another essential feature of outdoor LED screen is that they are brighter than indoor LED screens. In this way, they can be used outdoors. They can be used in direct sunlight. They also offer a high image quality. This feature makes them ideal for all types of outdoor events. From concerts to sporting events, company events, major festivals, corporate fairs… The higher luminosity allows the message to be seen perfectly in direct sunlight.

  • Easy installation of outdoor LED screen

They also stand out for being screens that allow easy installation of large format screens. The outdoor LED screens are made by joining LED modules together. This makes it possible to create large format LED screens. This feature allows the organisers of outdoor events to have a large format screen, which will allow the information to reach all those present.

  • Greater efficiency

Dynamic advertising, videos, images, etc. achieve greater effectiveness and impact on those present. For this reason, the use and rental of LED screens, both outdoor and indoor, is becoming more and more common. Since they achieve a greater impact, making the information of the event reach a greater number of attendees.

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