LED screens for events: Advanced technology to make an impact

Corporate events, trade fairs and congresses are spaces where, increasingly, a large number of exhibiting companies and visitors gather in large fairgrounds. As these are large gatherings, it is difficult to stand out. But it is essential for exhibiting brands. One of the main objectives is to stand out and attract as many visitors as possible. Audiovisual resources are one of the available elements that brands can use to achieve their objectives. As specialists in the rental of audiovisuals, we know the impact capacity of the same. But, in the current post, we want to highlight the impact capacity of LED screens for events. In addition, we will explain what LED screens are, what characteristics they have and how they manage to make an impact thanks to their advanced technology.

What are LED screens for events and what are their characteristics?

LED screens are large format screens formed by joining 0.5 x 0.5 or 0.5 x 1 m LED modules. LED screens can be created in different sizes and shapes. Easily adapting to the needs and budgets of each client and event. Currently, there are indoor and outdoor LED screens, both flat and circular of various qualities. The quality of the LED screens is determined by the closeness between the pixels of the screen. The smaller the separation between the pixels, the better the image quality. The most common are 3.9 p.p., 2.8 p.p. and 2.6 p.p. LED screens.

The LED screens can be installed on a wall or truss structure. This allows them to be installed in any space. Offering a great versatility to be included, easily, in the design of stands for corporate events.

Why do they make an impact?

Like other audiovisual resources, LED screens for events make an impact by dynamically displaying brand content. However, they have a greater impact than other audiovisuals such as televisions, thanks to their large size.

LED screens are often used to create the back wall of the stand, creating a powerful and eye-catching scenography. They can display dynamic content, which can change according to the needs of each client. They can also be used to show live events so that those present can see all the details of the event.

Thanks to the presence of LED screens, exhibitors can attract the attention of those present. By getting the brand information to a larger number of people present. Making their presence at the corporate event more profitable for the brand.

LED screen rental for events, fairs and congresses

SB Service has different types of LED screens for events in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Zaragoza… creating different shapes and sizes. This variety makes them ideal to show information in an impressive way in all kinds of events, congresses, fairs, concerts…

We also have televisions, totems or tactile mupis, touch screens, multimedia kiosks, truss structures… This variety allows us to adapt to the needs of each client. If you would like to have our audiovisuals or large format interactive touch screens, do not hesitate to contact us. And visit our Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to see some of our montages.


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