Essential questions about LED screens

When event organisers or participating companies decide to rent large format LED screens, they have a number of questions that are very common. Here are the answers to the main questions that our clients ask us as specialists in LED screen rental for events.

Frequently asked questions about LED screens

How do we create large format LED displays?

LED screens are created by joining several blocks or cabinets with a simple fastening system. This makes it possible to create large LED screen for events quickly by joining the different cabinets together. We can install them using a lattice structure, with a simple anchoring of the screen to the structure. We can also install them in internal structures on the walls of the stands.And, on the ceiling with the necessary support.

What sizes can we create?

The structure of the LED screens, formed by cabinets or blocks of 50×50 cm or other sizes. This structure allows us to create all kinds of sizes. We can easily adapt to the place, the type of event and the wishes of each client. We can develop in any size, such as 2×3, 4×6, 8×2,5m… In most cases, we develop the size taking as a reference the 16:9 video format.

What are their characteristics?

Large format LED screens offer HD or Full HD quality content. The technology used in large format LED screens allows high quality images and videos to be displayed. There are different models. A distinction can be made between indoor and outdoor LED screen. With pixel pitch (separation between the LEDs) of 3.9 or 2.8. The 2.8 LED screen will have a better image quality. In outdoor LED screen, the pixel pitch is usually higher, as the people watching the image are usually further away from the LED screen than in indoor events.

What kind of events can LED screens be rented for?

The use of LED screen is ideal for all types of events. When you want to make an impact on those present and make sure that the information reaches everyone. Its use is increasingly common in concerts, sporting events, corporate events, major parties, award ceremonies, galas … If you want to know more about what kind of events are used in LED screens for rent, visit our post Events where giant LED screens are used the most.

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